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Child Painting Model Airplane

Students all begin as joyful learners.

Motivation, or lack thereof, can be a virtuous or vicious circle.


Too many kids are forced to go through the motions of school, which can have long term damaging effects.

Teacher and Blackboard

Curriculum is created by well meaning policy makers, with some input from experts.


However, the process is not transparent. Most disciplines are taught the same way today that they were 100 years ago.

We can do better.

How should your discipline be taught in school?

If you are a practitioner of your discipline, you are among the most qualified to decide how students should be prepared to succeed in the position you hold now.

By contributing to this site, you will:

​1. Encourage kids currently going through the education system to find their passions

2. Contribute your voice to help correct and iteratively improve the system